Preciousness of Life

Saturday evening. An evening that I will not soon forget. I was on my way home from work and needed to stop to fill up on gas. So I stopped by the local gas station and purchased my gas and went on my way. Little did I know that a few moments later I would be standing on the side of the road completely petrified as I look at my damaged car. I collided with another driver at an intersection just a few miles away from the gas station. Thankfully both of us were not hurt physically, however I was left with a very scary memory. Soon the emergency officials came and everything was taken care of from there.

This terrifying event taught me to realize that life is very precious and should not be taken for granted. Think about the amount of times we get into our cars and not think twice about the risk we are taking. We are never promised the next moment or the next breath. It is imperative that we live in such a way that honors the fact that life is precious. Value each moment, every person in your life, and every experience. Even though this accident was bad, it taught me to be aware at all times and to value my life. I thank God for this lesson that he has revealed to me in a very unexpected way.

The Weary Soul

The weight of the world is on your shoulders

Everyone is depending on you

What will they do if you aren’t there

Will your rest tear them away from theirs?

Get up and go

There is no time for rest

The world screams this to you

Oh weary soul

Don’t listen to that.

Listen to the grace that calls

Gently and tenderly

There is rest for you

Time for you to heal

Time for you to grow

Oh my soul

Please come back to this grace

Find your rest

Find yourself once again

You Matter Too

Being selfless is a skill that we develop when we care about others. We want to do everything in our power to make sure that everyone around us is satisfied and happy. In our professional lives, we want to make sure we are doing a good job, in our personal lives, we want to make sure our families are okay. It can be exhausting trying to balance caring for others and taking care of ourselves too.

So often we forget that we’re people too. We give our everything for the sake of others. Which is a good thing, for Jesus tells us to love others. But, how can we love others well when our inter being feels completely drained? We must set time to take care of ourselves. Our soul needs it. Our soul needs that quiet time of rest.

For those of you who have flown on a plane, they tell you to put your oxygen masks on first before you help others in the event of an emergency. Our time alone is our oxygen. Setting aside time of quiet prayer and time to tend to ourselves is vital for a healthy mind and soul. Being selfless is a good trait. It will benefit you and the people around you. However, we need to take care of ourselves too. Remember to set some time for you every now and then. Only when you are well can you love others well.


As many of you may know, I am very much an introvert. Sometimes people just exhaust me and I feel simply worn out. I need the alone time at the end of the day just to gather all of my thoughts. Being an introvert in a very much extroverted world can take its toll. I have things I want to say, but I’m unable to find the right way to say them often times. Many people do not understand why quietness is of value.

But, aren’t you relieved to know that we serve a God who understands us? We don’t have to always have perfect and pretty words to talk to him. We don’t have to shout to reach him. He can hear us. Even the most quiet of us, he listens to each and every word. He has given us this beautiful gift of prayer. In the quiet he speaks. A gentle and quiet spirit is of value to God as it says in 1st Peter chapter 3. “but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.”1 Peter 3:4 ESV

So God is showing me that I do not have to be ashamed of my quietness. I don’t have to try to be someone I am not. He loves me the way that I am. He created me with a gentle and quiet spirit. I am incredibly thankful that he met me where I am. He created us all different and we can be confident in Him. Because he is the God who will never let us go. He values us, no matter our personalities

My Vision For This Blog

I’ve taken a little hiatus from writing for a couple of months. That is because the business of life has set in. Now that my freshman year of college is complete, I have a couple of months to really focus on this blog. I want readers to come to this sight and read something encouraging and uplifting. So often times our social media and news media sights are filled with drudgery. Even stifling the ability to think well. I don’t want this blog to be filled with that sort of thing. I want you, the audience, to read these post and leave encouraged. Encouraged to think outside the box. To ponder the thought that there is someone Higher than us humans. To be encouraged to study more. To know how to think well. Use these post to encourage your friends and family. I write to express my thoughts. Not only that, but to express to people that it is okay to have questions and it is okay to learn and think. Share these post with each other. Help me reach a lost world.

Much love,


Amazing Grace Becoming Amazing in Your Life

This picture is beautiful in many ways. One, because he is the God of miracles and he will never let us fall. He remains faithful when we are faithless. Nothing is impossible for Him. It always amazes me that he chose me to be His.Another reason why this picture is beautiful is that one day we will we will see our Savior face to face. All who are truly his will be saved and will be in his presence forevermore. Isn’t that beautiful? If the very thought of looking at the one who took your place on a cross and rose again for you doesn’t excite you, I question if you know him. • Don’t ever get used to this amazing grace that we, His people, have been given.see our Savior face to face. All who are truly his will be saved and will be in his presence forevermore. Isn’t that beautiful? If the very thought of looking at the one who took your place on a cross and rose again for you doesn’t excite you, I question if you know him. Don’t ever get used to this amazing grace that we, His people, have been given. Let it wash over you everyday. Love like you’ve been ransomed from death. My friends, He loves you and beacons you to come to him.


I have been feeling poetic lately. Last night, I was standing on my porch just admiring the crystal clear night that was before me. The shadow that the moon cast in the street captured my attention. I was inspired to write my thoughts in the form of a poem that goes like this:

The cool of night befalls earth

Living creatures fall asleep.

But, this creature lies awake.

Staring out into the dark

It could be easy to lose sight

but then I gaze at the moonlight.

Its beauty shinning through the dark.

A smile returns to my face

I see now that night is not all bad.

Even in the dark, there is still light.

Even when I am tempted to despair

i lose myself in light of His glory

Sorrow’s Dawn 

It comes creeping up. 

Like the unexpected hurricane 

That bends and nearly breaks you.

Emotions come in never ending droves.
The pain is real.

Like a knife twisting within our hearts.

You can’t deny the dread of night.

You start to question, “is it worth it?” 
Ah! But look! 

Over the horizon 

Is a bright light shining.

The dawn has finally risen! 

All of the anguish has finally subsided.
Hope is restored, peace at last. 

But, the memories never fade. 

They remind us of the preciousness of life.

Precious indeed are the moments. 
Grasp the hope that is free.

This night shall soon pass. 

Rebellious Generation 

   Ezekiel chapter 16 is one of the most powerful chapters in all of scripture. Jerusalem had rebelled against God even though he was the one who provided for them and saved them when no one else would. They turned away from the one who gave it all for them and chose their selfish indulgences instead. So God pours out his wrath upon them because of their rebellion.

  Does this remind you of America today? Look at our culture. We are so caught up in our own ways and “being true to ourselves” mentality that we have forgotten the one who found us wallowing in our blood and saved us as Ezekiel  puts it. We have forsaken the one who gave his own life for us. 

  We long for change, we want revival to happen. No president or any power of man will fix the problem. Only God can fix this. Until we get to the root of the problem- which is sin- and put God first and trust him, nothing is going to happen. We just simply cannot do it ourselves. We need a savior, not more human power or a better president. 

  That is the beautiful thing about God. At the end of Ezekiel  chapter 16, God remembers the covenant that he made to Jerusalem. He says in verse 63 that he will atone for all that they have done. A foreshadowing of Jesus. He is faithful to forgive only if we trust him and allow him to do so. 

 God bless my friends! 



All of the snow and ice that has prevented many of us from traveling away from our homes. It has brought a stillness to our lives. To notice things that we normally wouldn’t.   For the past couple of days that I have been at home not doing much, God has brought to my attention that I need to be still and realize that he is God and I am not. So often times I am so busy and consumed with what I have to do that I don’t allow God to move in my life. 

  There is a beauty in quietness and stillness. Don’t be afraid to be quiet and listen. I think the reason why stillness makes us uncomfortable is that it forces us to come face to face with reality. To realize who we really are. Realizing how small we really are and how big God really is. To experience His presence. 

  So instead of complaining about how bored or stir crazy we are, take a moment and be thankful for what we have. I woke up with the power on, Praise be to God. I woke up in a warm home today, praise be to God for that. I woke up and experienced life today, praise be to God for that. Allow the stillness to change you. Allow God to move in your life.